Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review
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Above Average host in terms of all factors. Price, support, features and uptime all are good but not best as compared to other hosting providers. Our recommendation is to use it for your websites as they still provide value to your money.

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Bluehost is one the leading web solutions providers in hosting industry. They are the company which has used its sharp marketing strategies to get million of users for their company and continuously growing in numbers.

Bluehost Review

Bluehost Review

About Bluehost

Bluehost was founded in 2003 by Matt Heaton and Danny Ashworth in Provo Utah. Bluehost is empowering more than 2 Million websites all over the world and it is the really large number.

At present, they have a vast team of 750+ to handle their clients and provide support. The company says it’s committed to WordPress and are best at it.It has Wide range of hosting plans to support the wide range of customers.

Bluehost Plans And Pricing

1. Bluehost Shared Hosting ($2.95 – 5.45$/Month) – If you are looking for inexpensive hosting and basic, then this hosting is perfect for you. Shared hosting is basically for all starters who need their websites for their business. As the basic plan you will get to host only one website and 50GB space with email accounts.

For hosting more than one website you have to opt for plus plan to host unlimited websites with unmetered bandwidth and space. For all the shared hosting plans and features you check out the below image.


Bluehost Shared Hosting Plans


2. Bluehost Cloud Hosting ($6.95 – 15.95$/Month) – Cloud hosting is very powerful, affordable and easier hosting to manage. Some of the cloud hosting benefits over shared hosting :-

a) Safer:- It’s safer as cloud build your three copies of the website. Due to hardware issue if one fails the other keeps working.
b) Faster :- Pages load fast as it provides caching and global CDN.
c) Simpler:- As it has the simple dashboard showing all stats like page download time, upload, global, reach and more.
d) Bigger:- As your traffic grows you also just expand with a plan to get more space.

Below is some cloud hosting plans you can choose to start off from.


Bluehost Cloud Hosting Plans


3. Bluehost WordPress Hosting ($19.99 – $49.99/Month) – Bluehost WordPress hosting has basically three plans. Starter plan starting at 19.99$ which is quite costly as compared to other hosting providers.

Despite being costly WordPress hosting is their popular service. It is because the features in their starter pack can handle 100 Million Visitors with 2GB RAM. As its Wp Ultimate plan gives unlimited visitors with 8GB RAM at price of 49.99$.

You can check all prices and features of WordPress hosting below.


Bluehost WordPress Hosting Plans


4. Bluehost Woocommerce Hosting ($11.95/Month) – In this hosting, WordPress is designed to work with the best shopping carts and stores in the world. And, with WooCommerce seamlessly integrated, taking credit cards and processing orders is a breeze. It Uses the power of WP, reliability of Bluehost, versatility of WooCommerce to get your store up and running fast.

5. Bluehost VPS Hosting ($14.99 – 59.99$/Month) – Virtual servers on Bluehost are made up of cloud technology. You enjoy increased power and flexibility to control your websites. It gets up and starts running in seconds. The website always keeps running at optimum levels. Resources are also guaranteed to be available at all times.

For plans and features, you can check out the below image.


Bluehost Vps Hosting Plans


6. Bluehost Dedicated Hosting ($79.99 – 119.99$/Month) – For ultimate website performance, control and security this hosting is perfect. Each server for it is custom built and is completely yours to serve your website. High-quality storage RAID 1 is used for this hosting.

For advanced users, improved control panel offers complete access to CentOS, giving you full control of your server.Every dedicated configuration includes the option of enhanced cPanel-based interface which makes it easy to manage all of your websites, domains, emails, resources and more from one central location.You can add shared, VPS, or even additional dedicated services to your existing account and manage all of them in one place.

There are three plans to it or you can customize too according to your requirements.


Bluehost Dedicated Hosting Plans


Things To Like About Bluehost

1. Bluehost Provides 30 days money back guarantee.
2. One free Domain Registration For One Year.
3. Ease of use- enhanced Cpanel interface is easy to use.
4. Security features of Bluehost are excellent.
5. E-commerce Feature is very good with multiple shopping carts.
6. Numerous databases, including MySQL, PostgreSQL, CGI-BIN, PHP 5, Python, Perl 5, Ruby on Rails, and much more.
7. Numerous free website scripts are available, social networking scripts, mailing lists, message forums, Joomla, blog support, Drupal and Tikiwiki.
8. Price is low at an introductory level.
9. Bluehost is also officially recommended by

Things Not To Like About Bluehost

1. Uptime is not good as compared to other hosts.
2. Page loads slowly in Bluehost shared plans.
3. Customer support not good as may be due to a large number of clients.
4. Site Migrations are not free.
5. You may need to install a lot of Add-ons to get full functionality you need.
6. Upselling in Bluehost is annoying.
7. WordPress hosting as compared to other providers is very expensive.

Key Features Of Bluehost

Features Value
Starting Price $2.95
Free Domain
Disk space Unmetered
Bandwidth Unmetered
Multiple Domains
Webmail 5 Accounts
Free SSL
Uptime 99%
Mysql Database
Wordpress Install
Site Backup
Money Back 30 Days
Site Transfer
Free Backup
Free CDN
Server Selection

Final Words

Bluehost is the most recommended hosting by clients. As what we choose in hosting is the speed, support, uptime, features, and price.

Page load is good but not fast as compared to available hosts at the same price. Features are good no doubt but support is average as mixed reviews for it.

Uptime is also good not best.So we will rate it as good web hosting but not best. It is above average overall so will recommend it to use for your websites.


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Bluehost gives you the best hosting service, regular call-centre facility 24X7 and at the most affordable price

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